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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Colorado Surveying

Boundary surveys take us to seldom visited, remote locations.

Mountain instrument

Recovering important property corners can be close by or miles away.

Construction staking

When we stake it, they build to it.

Ralston Raod

Visiting our office?

Wheat Ridge Monument box

Some section corners are easy to identify.

Property corner

How a property corner should be staked and flagged.

Site benchmark

A temporary site benchmark, tying structural/civil plans to architectural plans is always necessary.

Utility inverts and elevations

Utility locations, elevations and inverts are essential information included on many surveys.

topographic survey

Topographic surveys take us to unusual and remote locations.

Robotic Trimble

A robotic total station is used for very precise layouts.

string line

String lines are used to establish locations between points

party chief

Another day at the office.

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